Conjugated Monoclonal Antibodies

Cytune is addressing the new monoclonal antibodies market needs, a highly successful therapeutic class over 10 years, high growth, high profit
$26 billion in 2007 - $49 billion in 2013 – 50% in oncology
3 out of 6 world's six biggest-selling drugs in 2014 (to dominate the blockbuster ligue table)
First signs of maturity (biosimilars, biobetters are coming, intensive competition)
Partnering and M&A are very active
New needs do appear in this field
Developing novel mammalian cell-manufacturing processes
Managing the product Life Cycle Management for existing blockbusters
Increasing the therapeutic index (efficacy vs safety) by adding new functionalities
Generating new IP to face coming patent expirations
Using innovative cytokines