CYP 0150

CYP0150 is a recombinant protein consisting of a human IL-15 linked to the Sushi+ domain of the human alpha chain receptor (transpresentation).

CYP 0150 is produced by recombinant technology adapted to pharmaceutical processes and is the result of a single translation (no post-translational process).

IL-15 has been shown to have a limited efficacy mostly due to the fact the alpha chain receptor is usually cleaved from the presenting cells in pathological situations, hence preventing IL-15 to activate its target cells.

CYP0150 is a proprietary breakthrough thanks to its unique structure that renders it active in pathological situations.

Cytune’s proprietary breakthrough: CYP0150 (RLI) is active in pathological conditions (idéal: animation)

Restoring and enhancing the immune response with CYP0150: leveraging current anticancer drugs efficacy

CYP0150 preclinical data:

In vitro biological activity

(human, mouse)

CYP0150 >> IL-15 on beta-gamma cells
CYP0150 = IL-15 on alpha-beta-gamma cells

In vivo biological activity

(mouse, humanized immune system mouse)

CYP0150>> IL-15 on NK, CD8…

In vivo PK in mouse

CYP0150> IL-15, IL-2

In vivo therapeutic efficacy in cancer models

(syngenic, xenogenic)

CYP0150 decreases metastasis number, tumor progression, Increases overall survival (melanoma, colon)
CYP0150 > IL-15, IL-2 (melanoma)
Combinatory effects (colon)